havin fun with girlfriends:D

ho ho ho!!!*eceh mentang2 nak krismas dah*nak ho ho je. plak..hahhaha

First of all,sorry guys coz dah lame x update blog.:( bukan kerana merajuk,gado atau ape,tapi,i just don't have free time for updating my blog.Besides,these few days a bit hectic sikit sebab ade test,assignment,homework yang nak kene hantar n siapkan.n plus,I'm one of the committee for the dinner.so,Macam busy lah jugak lately ;p.

So now,     

test pon dah habis,i pon boleh lah nak update2 blog nih.:D hooray hooray hooray!
ok mira.rilek sudah: 
today i'm going to story morry with u all semua pasal my day out hari tu.maybe it's a bit late dah kan.but,i dah promise kat diorg that i nak uplode about them kat my blog:D
sorry guys lambat.

ok,so last last saturday,dah x igt tarikh  sebab kalendar jauh nak check tarikh  balik.hehe;P
*but still  dicember lah*
i went out with my girl,actually my primary schoolmate to be precise.we're like jarang gile jumpa,hangout.lepak2 or doing some other stuff together.so on that particular saturday.we came up an idea to meet just for chillin' lah:D
depa semua nih tgh cuti.xkan cheq xleh nak ajaq depa keluaq kot>>

plan agak lame lah jugak sebab nak keluar nih.last2 only 3 of us je yg mmg betul2 free.they are MICHELLE AND TIKIE:D

tikie drove us to sunway n we're like sesat2 n they were too many people on that day.bla bla bla.kalau i bebel besok pon x habis nih...nak cari parking pon susah sgt:(

but that's not the interesting part yg i nak story2 nih.first thing first,we're planning what to do on that day.And the things that came up in my mind: KARAOKE!!!!hahah
lame dah x testing2 suara nih kan*padahal suara xdelah sedap pon:P*

isn't that fun thing to do with your girlfriends?and beside,tempat karaoke kat sunway sgt x100000 lah murah.soooooooooooo....ape lagi,LETS ROCK THE WORLD LAH BABE!!haHAHA

Now,i don't wanna waste my time,telling u all semua cerita2 nih bagai kan.just look at the picture lah.And there's a video of tikie too..she has really good+awesome voice.
i'm not lying ok:D

as usual lah,kalau dah nmpak cermin besaq tuh :D

sherlock holmes wannabe:D

here are the video that i'm telling you about.
isn't that tikie has a great voice.malu2 kucing je nak nyanyi mula,last2 she's the one yang melalak dalam bilik tuh kan:P
sorry tikie:D hehe
btw,i'm having so much fun with both of you.i'm looking forward to do this again ok girls??
and,tikie,i can't forget the lamp story that you told me..hahahhahahha!!!

plus,we're watching AKU TAK BODOH too.and the movie are awesome yaw.i recommend u to watch it with your parents.hehexD

and the main actor are.....!!hahahhaxD
ohh sudin~!!!

p/s:sangat berbeza penonton yang menonton cerita melayu berbanding cerita org putih.aku dah rase macam panggung tu aku punya.sikit sgt lah org dalam tuh:(

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  1. salam.jm sm2 kita follow ye,http://bingkaibiru.blogspot.com/

  2. lovely pictures! it looks like you had a lot of fun ! :)

    xx fatima