HELLO 2012 ! ! !


it's been long time since i last updating my blog. So here i am.Tahun baru ni ade rase pulak nak update blog sebab rase macam nak bukak buku baru untuk 2012 ni. Start dengan update entry baru lah:P  So far aku berpuas hati sepanjang tahun 2011.Yet,there is still many things for me to improved. So kalau cerita pasal tahun baru, mesti org tanya ape azam tahun baru kan? So for me, my azam just the same as before which i guess belum tercapai lagi pon kot :P ape lah aku ni. So these are  maybe some of my azam lah for this year

  1. Nak pandai memasak. 
  2. Need to improve in my studies *kene buang sikap malas wehh* 
  3. As i turn 20 now, so need to be lil bit matured than before :P
  4. Need to spend more time with my family and hobby :"(
  5. May my relationship with mr B last longer and forever *pray for me ya*   
  6. Need to improve my english,mandarin and french language:)
so far tu lah azam aku tahun baru ni and plus with all azam2 tahun lepas yang tak achive lagi. And i hope that all my azam can achieve succesfully.

That's all i guess because my finals just around the corner, oh no!! so wish me luck for my finals ya! 
btw, i just came back from kenduri kahwin and suddenly mr b ask me: asyik tgk org kahwin je,kite bile pulak.hahahaha! *blushing* 
and i made him a good luck card,i know it's kinda cheesy,dah macam zaman2 kat semashur hantar request pulak ,tapi xpelah.:P I hope u like it b .and i love you so much. ok gonna get back to my work.lain kali saya akan rajin2 kan lagi update blog ni ya !seriously! :P

 On the way back from kenduri kahwin :)

Sedih because x dpt tgkp gmba same2 so tangkap dalam kereta je lah :(

he's buying me coconut shake because it's so hot outside.nyum nyum :)

And and not to forget ayah kol pagi tadi  and we had a long chat and lastly  ayah ckp: ( ayah sayang semua anak-anak ayah.Jage diri) . And i wanna say, I LOVE YOU TOO AYAH!

Lots of Love,


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